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An easy-to-use, all-encompassing platform that allows for monitoring of swimmer wellness and health, session-logging, competition feedback and performance-monitoring. It also greatly helps with streamlining of communications.

The platform is split into three components:

  1. Club Portal - For club administrators
  2. Coach Portal - For coaches
  3. Log Book - For swimmers

The platform is brought to British clubs for British swimmers by the British Swimming Coaches Association.


Club Portal

Allows Club administrators to manage swimmer emergency contact details, send messages to parents/guardians and administrate coach access.

Built-in safety monitoring automatically notifies club administrators of any inappropriate language used in messages between coaches and swimmers.

- Emergency Contact Management
- Club Messaging
- Notepad
- Calendar
- Safety Monitoring

Coach Portal

Allows coaches to effectively monitor squad wellness and mentality as well as individual wellness, feedback, health, targets and performance. The portal also provides a private forum for coaches to communicate with each other.

Built-in safety monitoring automatically notifies coaches of inappropriate language used in messages from swimmers.

Provides monitoring of Swimmer:
- Wellness
- Session Feedback
- Medications
- Injuries
- Targets
- Personal Best Times
- Competition Feedback
- Competition Performance
- Session Planning

Log Book

Allows swimmers to log targets, PB's, medication, injuries, wellness, session and competition feedback.

Also allows swimmers to send quick messages to their Coach.

Allows Swimmer to log:
- Wellness
- Session Feedback
- Medications
- Injuries
- Targets
- Personal Best Times
- Competition Feedback


One person administrating email correspondence soon becomes a mammoth task as clubs grow in size. With the Club Portal, one administrator can send a message out to parents, or check to see if a message has already been sent. Communication need not break down when the secretary goes on holiday anymore.

Monitoring communications between coaches and swimmers is the responsiblity of all club administrators in-line with Child Protection. By insisting that coaches and swimmers communicate solely through the platform whilst off-poolside, you can be more confident that all is well. There is no longer any need for coaches and swimmers to share mobile phone numbers or email addresses. Ever.

The Club Portal is accessible on any device with a 1024 x 768 resolution or higher which covers most tablets and computer screens.

Most Swimming coaches appreciate Log Books but a huge proportion of swimmers hate completing them. By making use of InSweep swimmers can complete Log Books very quickly using a device that they enjoy using. This also means that you no longer need to copy things into spreadsheets for safe-keeping or spend time creating performance graphs as the platform does it for you.

Doing away with manual proceses improves your admin efficiency so that you can concentrate on other things in the time that you would have spend typing.

The platform also connects you with other coaches and allows you to share ideas.

The Coach Portal is accessible on any device with a 1024 x 768 resolution or higher which covers most tablets and computer screens.

The Log Book allows you to complete your whole day's worth of logging in less than two minutes without having to find a pen. Once you're setup, your Log Book is yours for life, even if your Club stop using the platform.

Swimmer Log Books are accessible from any smartphone or iPod Touch, and has been optimised for iPhone 5 and above. If you change device then you can just login on your new one, you don't even need to download an App.


Club Portal Membership

Every Club needs a Club Portal Membership in order to use InSweep.

For a limited time Club Portal Membership is just £99/year for the first year.

Coach Portal Subscription

Coach Subscriptions are managed from within the Club Portal.

Coach Subscriptions cost just £7/month for BSCA Members or £25/month for non-BSCA Members.

Swimmer Log Books

Totally free, even if the Club stops using InSweep.


Interest for InSweep is huge, sign-up today to get the discounted offer!


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